Local Photography

We wish to acknowledge and thank local photographers and residents Mary Miller, Sandy Horvath, Tami Asars, Michael McDevitt, Matt Johnson, Danny Raphael and Linda Miller for sharing their considerable talent and allowing the City the use of many spectacular pictures of North Bend. You may view their photos throughout the website, on display in the photo gallery and on NBTV Channel 21.

Contact Information

Mary Miller Photography
Email Mary Miller
Phone: 425-941-5070
Mary Miller Website

Sandy Horvath, Photography Teacher
Email Sandy Horvath
Phone: 425-444-2166
Sandy Hovarth Website

Matt N. Johnson
Email Matt Johnson
Matt Johnson Online Photo Gallery

Tami Asars
Email Tami Asars
Phone: 425-831-0423
Tami Asars Website

Michael McDevitt Studio
Email Michael McDevitt Studio
Studio Phone: 425-888-0733
Mobile Phone: 425-894-6205

Danny Raphael
Email Danny Raphael

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